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Are the Bavarians “fair game”? The facts of the debate

The Bavarians in charge are persistently complaining about the pace of their opponents this season. Rightly so? The numbers say something different – and are a problem especially for coach Niko Kovac.

The Bavarian squad is shrinking, and so that things won’t go on like this in the next few weeks, the Munich team has launched a debate that they are persistently feeding: The opponents are accused of “football in Wild West style” or “deliberate bodily injury”, their own players are “fair game” and “to be protected by the DFB and the referees”. “This is something that somehow has to be turned off,” says board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

But does “that” exist at all? And if so, how bad is it pronounced?

Up to now, the rising stars have been fouled much more often than the Bavarians.
Bayern pros were fouled 36 times during the first three Bundesliga match days, twelve times per match. Others were hit harder, especially the two promoted players: 1. FC Nürnberg (42 times fouled) and Fortuna Düsseldorf (41) lead this table ahead of VfL Wolfsburg (37). Only then come the Bavarians, on a par with RB Leipzig and VfB Stuttgart and just ahead of Hertha BSC and Borussia Mönchengladbach (35 each).

The Bavarians are thus not approached unusually often in this season unfairly, their average is even minimum under that of the previous year (12.1). Of course, the numbers don’t say anything about the severity of the fouls (and those that may have been committed but not punished). And two particularly tough ones, Kingsley Coman and Rafinha took weeks of forced breaks and the Bundesliga finally brought the so-called “fair game” debate.

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Frankfurt under Kovac: Most fouls, most yellow cards, fair play taillight

The man who used that word on Saturday (“I’m getting tired of it now”). We have the third Bundesliga match day, and I have the feeling that we are fair game”), has acquired a very special image in recent years: Eintracht Frankfurt under Niko Kovac was regarded in fan circles as an unpleasant “troop of pedalers” – and that was no accident.

In Kovac’s Eintracht term (8 March 2016 to 30 June 2018), no Bundesliga team foul more often than his, 15.4 times per match. But this also includes many tactical fouls. Eintracht ended the three affected seasons as the last in the fair play table, sometimes with a considerable gap to the penultimate. Three times in a row she collected the most yellow cards. Under Kovac’s successor Adi Hütter there are only four of them – Frankfurt has only foul 9.7 times on average so far. Check out the best betting sites for all tipps around betting on this events.