How can you ensure privacy right while browsing the Internet?

Many websites allow you access in exchange for your personal information like name, e-mail address, etc. The websites use this information for marketing purposes. However, there are third parties waiting to get hold of this information and use it for fraudulent purposes. You should be careful when browsing the Internet and refrain from sharing your personal information with anyone. Here are some steps you can take to protect your privacy.


Social networks and other sites request your personal information before signing up. You can disguise your actual email address or credit card numbers for protecting your privacy. A web browser plug-in called ‘MaskMe’can be helpful in this case. You can create an alternate e-mail address and use it whenever a site asks you to give your email address. If you use the paid version of MaskMe, you will be able to get masked credit card numbers, phone numbers, and other information as well.

Private browsing

When you visit a site, web browser stores your information about what pages you visited or which images you have downloaded. This information is available for anyone who uses the same computer. There is a ‘private’ mode in the major browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. That way, no one will be able to get information about your browsing sessions.

Privacy settings

There is a privacy setting option on most social media sites. You should use that option and limit others from viewing your profile and other information. This way your information will b viewed by only your friends and there will be less risk of identity theft.

Blocking cookies

You can maintain your anonymity online by blocking cookies. The websites won’t be able to track what username you used, whether you signed up automatically or other relevant information.

Using stronger passwords

You should change passwords of your various email and other accounts frequently. The passwords must be strong so that it’s hard for anyone to guess. You should use a mixture of characters, numbers, and symbols in creating your password.

You must always use a secure WiFi network when browsing, particularly when making any payment online. You should use these tips to browse safely on the Internet and protect your privacy.  a